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Sepasang Baju Penghangat - M Aan Mansyur

Sepasang Baju Penghangat - M Aan Mansyur

Reading is so damn addicting.

Boys Watch Porn, Girls Read Romance

a lot of girls i know are so disgusted with porn and they are so against their boyfriend watching porn. and a lot of boys i know just don’t get why girls love their romance book.

cliche, i know.

the explanation is simple, men/boys are visual creatures. their brains are stimulated better by what they see. the same reason girls wear make up and victoria’s secret made wonder bra and manolo blahnik made skyhigh stilletos, to impress men. they like what they see, ladies. and when the testosterone strikes?


and what about girls and their romance books? we, women/girls are not much of visual creatures as men/boys are. we live in our mind. so that’s why we love what we read, because we’re free to - let’s say - imagine, fantasize about what we read and later, daydream about it. and heeyyy, don’t say we ladies never read hot steamy sex scene in one of our romance books. i call it bullshit.


just because we find different way of ‘pleasuring’ ourselves doesn’t mean we have to fuss over it. it’s okay, it’s a phase. i know this is not a common opinion especially here in Asia where there are a lot of taboos, but i think exploring your sexuality in a way that’s safe is okay.

i don’t say, "hey free sex is fine. you go girl!" because it’s not fine. but knowing your boundaries, what you like, and what’s need to be done about it - is what important. yes, welcome to 21st century. be smart. don’t easily judge. respect yourself, and respect other’s preference.

back to why boys watch porn and girls read romance? it’s in our brain, it’s our nature. so yea, deal with it.